Conference 2024- Movements 


The second biennial CASIM conference will be held at St. Mary’s University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia in May 2024. The conference theme is “Movements”. Movements, whether revolutionary or regressive, strategic, technological or artistic offer an understanding of the world around us. Movements within traditions, migratory or peripatetic movements of peoples, political movements and intergenerational movements capture shifts, losses, gains and other changes that are sometimes inevitable and sometimes avoidable.

Conference 2022 — Beginnings

The inaugural CASIM biennial conference was held at McMaster University in May 2022. The hybrid event brought together 50 historians, anthropologists, and scholars of religion (including half graduate students) to present their research and to launch CASIM as a supportive, collegial network. Thematic conference panels included sessions on “Textual Genres and Polemic”; “Ethnographies of Authority”; “Politicized Identities”; “Islamophobic Contexts”; “Diasporic and Transnational Relations”; “Gendered Ways of Being a ‘Good Muslim’”; and “Theory, Analysis, Institutions”. The conference also included an interdisciplinary roundtable on the theme of “Beginnings”; the CASIM General Assembly; and book launches of Jocelyn Hendrickson’s Leaving Iberia: Islamic Law and Christian Conquest in North West Africa (Harvard, 2021) and the volume edited by Amélie Barras, Jennifer A. Selby and Melanie Adrian titled Producing Islam(s) in Canada: On Knowledge, Positionality and Politics (Toronto, 2022). This inaugural conference was supported by a SSHRC Connection Grant and by units at McMaster University, the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, and Université Laval. We look forward to our second biennial conference, to be held in Halifax, NS in spring 2024!

CASIM Conference Schedule 2022